This article Introduction to Excel user interface and description. the entire interface is as following This is layout of Excel 2016. layout in Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 is almost identical.

Excel user interface gui

Quick Access collection of button for quick access such as Save, New, Undo and you can add command to Quick Access. related article: Excel How to add new command to Quick Access Toolbar

excel user interface gui quick access toolbars

Account Setting display current Microsoft account you logon.

excel user interface gui account settings

Ribbon tabs display options option for customize Ribbon tabs such as Auto-hide Ribbon, show tabs and show tabs and commands Ribbon tabs main of commands organized by tabs and groups. related article:  Show or hide ribbon tabs in Excel 2016, How to customize ribbon in Excel

excel user interface ribbon tabs

Ribbon display options settings Ribbon tabs show, hide or auto-hide. related article:  Show or hide ribbon tabs in Excel 2016

excel use interface ribbon display options

Name box display cell reference of active cell.

Formula bar display value or formula of active cell.

Column display column letter from A to XFD.

Row number display row number.

Worksheet is working area.

Sheet tab display the name of worksheets in workbook and add new sheet. related article:  How to Show or Hide worksheets in Excel, Excel how to quickly jump to worksheet, How to recover missing Sheet tabs and Scrollbar

Scrollbar use to scroll vertical or horizontal through workbook window. related article: How to recover missing Sheet tabs and Scrollbar

Status bar display message status of Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock or error message. Show summary, average of cells selected.

Workbook view change worksheets displayed Normal, Page layout or Page break preview.

Zoom use for zoom in – out worksheet.