How to take screenshot in Excel 2013, 2016, 2019

In Excel you can quickly and easily to take screenshot or screen clipping and add to your document by use Screenshot tool.

How to turn off Start Screen when start Excel

By default, when you start Microsoft Excel, Excel will show the Start Screen with templates list, Recent files, Pinned files, share with me and other for you choose.

How to recover missing Sheet tabs and Scrollbar

When on the tab name of worksheet and the bottom and side scrollbar go missing. Making this work very difficult, this article I will introduce how to retrieve the list of worksheets and both scrollbars.

How to recover unsaved Excel file

Microsoft Excel when you accidentally close your file before saving it or lose power, computer shut down and other reason. In this article helpful to recover unsaved your document

excel how to quickly jump to worksheet

How to quickly jump to worksheet in Excel. If your the workbook is large and with multiple worksheets and cannot show all in sheet tab. You can quickly jump to it by 2 methods